WebWatcher 7 – Excellent Parental Monitoring Software

In today’s modern world, bullying is not just limited to physical confrontation; cyber-bullying is now the trend especially among youngsters. This particularly concerns parents as more and more children are spending more time in front of their computer monitors wherein majority are unattended by adults.

In this regard, it is useful to take advantage of parental blocking software like WebWatcher 7. The software features strong web content filtering, complex reporting features, remote management of computer and website blocking. Hence, examine further how WebWatcher 7 parental software works in protecting children from any form of online dangers. Read on.

WebWatcher 7
WebWatcher 7


Awareness Technologies is the one behind the creation of WebWatcher 7. Upon purchasing the software, the manufacturer immediately sends you an email notification which contains login password and embedded link in order to gain access of the web-based user-interface which is impressively organized and navigational links helps in finding the download area of the software, recorded file, favorites, etc.

Following the software installation procedure, the application operates under stealth setting and not visible to users monitoring the computer. WebWatcher works secretly almost without depletion on internet bandwidth and system resources. However, application removal only occurs by giving administrative password and keying in of hotkeys.


WebWatcher 7 is armed with several customization options. For example, predefined settings are seen under Basic Mode that monitors the users of the PC. The Advanced Mode permits parents to delegate various recording options for children in different age bracket and computer abilities. Moreover, parents can block websites, specify keywords, allow particular websites and arrange different settings based on personal preferences.

Features and Recording Capabilities

WebWatcher 7 is capable of capturing sent-and-received emails by the computer users. Also, the software captures web-based email interactions through Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and the like. Aside from the software’s recording abilities, the software records chat and instant messages conversations. Moreover, the Alert Word feature effectively helps ease parental fears as they are allowed to assign words of interest or concern in which the WebWatcher actively scrutinize all communications finding the specified words.

WebWatcher 7 Recorded data
WebWatcher 7 Recorded data

Once the software locates the alert word, it gets a screenshot of the questionable communication and creates an email notification sent to parents. Smart Camera application displays everything your kid views on the computer and saves these images in sequential order.

Pros and Cons

Among the outstanding advantage that WebWatcher 7 provide is its advanced monitoring abilities and efficient recording capabilities. However, the producer adds extra fees for screenshots, gathered data storage and upgrades which is the software’s cited disadvantage.

WebWatcher 7 efficiently works in helping parents protecting their children while engaging in online activities and keeps them safe from online predators.

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