LG Versa – The Versatile Phone

It’s very rare that developers hit the mark with an extraordinary gadget and introduce it to the mark like Verizon Wireless and LG have done with the LG Versa. The LG Versa promises to be an extremely versatile phone thus the name “Versa”. The phone is quite impressive and one of the best in its league as it has a number of different features that makes this gadget extremely unique.

LG Versa
LG Versa

Some the Versa’s most recognizable features are that it has a full HTML browser which supports Flash elite (enable you to check out videos on YouTube while you’re on the move); it has EV-DO, a 2.0 MP camera, a music player and GPS. It also has a QWERTY keyboard that could be removed if you don’t want to carry the extra weight and you could use the virtual keyboard instead. In order to remove the QWERTY, however you need to remove the battery cover. It also can be used as a case when folded on top, which makes it look like an executive handset.

The 2.0 Megapixel camera takes very good quality pictures and you can also edit the them by using the image editor. The phone also has a built in camcorder

The responsiveness of the touch screen is generally excellent; however at times with particular applications it may take a few taps to open them. The touch screen tends to be extremely responsive while navigating, dialing and texting.

The phone dialer interface has a numeric dial pad which is standard. It also consists of a speakerphone button, a clear button, a voice command button and also has links to the recent calls list as well to the contacts list.

There are downsides to the device as the web browsing experience could be slow and there is no Wi-Fi. However, the people at Versa have promised that they will work on this in the future. Other than it’s an amazing handset.

The design of the LG Versa is extremely eye-catching and graphics are just awesome. The display supports 262,000 different colors and has a 480 by 240 pixel resolution. In this phone you can have up to 3 different home screens. The home screens can be used for the following things: one for application shortcuts, one of media shortcuts and web bookmarks and the last one of contact shortcuts. One thing to note is that you can have only these three; you cannot generate your own home screen and add random shortcuts according to your choice.

The call quality was good, but not great, due to a few minor clarity issues. The speakerphone quality wasn’t all that great either. The phone has a battery life of 4.83 hours of talk time and 17.9 days of standby.

Overall, if you need a good touch screen business-like phone, which is resourceful and are okay with the web browser being a little slow, this can be a good choice for you.

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