How To Use Quality Centre 9 in Windows 7 or Internet Explorer 8

Quality Centre 9 is not compatible with IE8, and Mercury is advising all their user to upgrade to latest version if you need to use it with windows 7 / IE 8. This tutorial will help you in opening Quality centre 9 on Windows7 without upgrading apying new license cost.

Here is how —

1. Run Internet Explorer as Administrator.

2. Open Quality centre URL and click below icon to run it is Compatibility Mode —

3. Then you will get following prompt to install Add on. Click On Prompt and install the add on.

4. Next you will get following prompt, click on Install button

5. After clicking Ok it will download and install different components (it happens only first time)Once completed following window will appear —

Once this appears you can close the IE and run it in normal mode. For all subsequent session you don’t need to run it as administrator.

However in Normal mode Copy/paste with quality centre does not work and you need to run IE as Administrator if you need Copy / Paste to work inside QC and on some machine QC does not work unless you open it is administrator.

Also In case you don’t see above prompts and unable to follow workflow, Uninstall QCexplorer (if already installed) and reset IE setting by using given workflow —

1. IE > Tool > Internet Option> Advanced tab> Rest and restore advanced settings.

2. Security Tab – Rest to default level.

3. General Tab – Delete all browsing history.

4. General Tab > Under browsing history Open Settings, Click on View Objects and remove all installed QC objects, if you are not sure which are QC objects remove all objects.

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