How To Use Quality Centre 9 in Windows 7 or Internet Explorer 8

Quality Centre 9 is not compatible with IE8, and Mercury is advising all their user to upgrade to latest version if you need to use it with windows 7 / IE 8. This tutorial will help you in opening Quality centre 9 on Windows7 without upgrading apying new license cost.

Here is how —

1. Run Internet Explorer as Administrator.

2. Open Quality centre URL and click below icon to run it is Compatibility Mode —

3. Then you will get following prompt to install Add on. Click On Prompt and install the add on.


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Do you use an Updated Antivirus or not ?

First and foremost, since viruses, Trojans and other malware are a major concern for any computer connected to the internet; By a survey it is recorded that mostly virus hit your system with the increasing use of USB flash Memory, and new forms of viruses are always getting updated with passage of time, Even Viruses have changed their forms.

Now you can find a virus in  a jpg image also, which look so odd, They can attack your computer with a unknown news resource, or they can jam your system if you accidentally reach to a site which you don’t know, So safe browsing is the key to avoid such issues, one should be sufficiently prepared to defend one’s PC from such things by a good antivirus program.

Do you use an Updated Antivirus or not
Do you use an Updated Antivirus or not

There are plenty of proprietary antivirus vendors such as Symantec and McAfee that have been in the antivirus business for years. However, since purchasing their products cost a pretty penny and unless you continue to pay subscriptions to update your virus definitions the program essentially becomes crippled, this is not necessarily the best solution. There are several free antivirus programs available on the Web that are not only easy to use and update but also offer equally powerful protection.


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Pin Application to the Windows 7 Taskbar

Out of several new features of the new Window 7 taskbar, one of the very useful features associated with it is the capability to pin applications. There is application icon present on the task bar at any time whenever you access it. Instead of filling your desktop with several icons, browsing through the folders of program files or clicking on the Start Menu each time you want to access new application, with the help of new Window 7 taskbar you can access each application just with one click. You can pin application by following two ways: either you can drag and drop or right click on the icon.

Pinning application to the Windows 7 using the method of drag and drop:

  1. Click mouse on the start button on the screen.
  2. Click mouse on the “computer” icon.
  3. Browse through location where you have stored the application’s files. Mostly this location is C:\Program Files\.
  4. Drag the application of the icon and drop that icon onto the taskbar.


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How to open .7z Files In Windows 7?

.7z files are known as achieve files and are generated with the help of 7-zip software. Zip files are compressed collections of one or more than one files that are transferred between the people and the computer system. By transferring a compressed file you can ensure that that the recipient will receive all the files and will not lose any. Yes with the help of windows 7 it is possible to open .7z files. The latest version of 7-zip file manager works properly with the Windows 7.

How to get the 7-zip Software?

7-Zip Software

First you will have to download 7-zip software and install it in your computer so that you can work with .7z files. If your computer system shows 64 bit then make sure that you download the appropriate .msi installer.

How to open .7z file?

Once you have installed 7-zip folder, it will add a new option to your Windows 7 context menu which is helpful for you.


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