Gmail – No Problems of Losing Mails using Gmail Backup

The world today revolves around the internet and emails have become the most used means of communication. Gmail is the most popular email service that is used by people today and it is very essential to keep a backup of the mails, so that one does not lose any kind of important information. Google introduces and approves new tools everyday to add to the convenience of the users.

Gmail Backup
Gmail Backup

The latest tool that Google has approved is, Gmail backup. This is designed to help all users take a backup of their email account at Google and with this one can also restore the Gmail mailbox also. The aim behind creating this tool is create a backup of all the mails that one receives in their Gmail account. Most of the webmail services do not provide this feature to their users and due to this there is always a risk of losing data. Most service providers think that it is not possible for them to lose the data on their servers.

When wants to use the Gmail backup service all that they need to do is to provide their login details and choose the local folder on their computer where they want to store the backup files. The only thing that needs to be there is that one should have IMAP access enabled in their account. This makes it very easy for all to take the backup as this tool is easy to use and extremely user friendly like most of the Google applications.

There is also a short set of options that the Gmail backup has which enables people and users of Gmail to allow one to download all messages that were received in a specific time. One can add the date and adjust them by using options like ‘before’ and ‘since’ and then they can download the messages received in this time frame. When one chooses this option, they will only download and take a backup of the messages that they received in the selected time frame and not the others.

The Gmail backup tool is extremely simple to use and can be used by anyone easily without any problems. Apart from the backup one can also restore the mails that are there in the email account. One can also use this tool to migrate the emails from one Gmail account to the other if one wants to. The Gmail backup tool is extremely useful to use and a great tool for all Gmail users.

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