Pin Application to the Windows 7 Taskbar

Out of several new features of the new Window 7 taskbar, one of the very useful features associated with it is the capability to pin applications. There is application icon present on the task bar at any time whenever you access it. Instead of filling your desktop with several icons, browsing through the folders of program files or clicking on the Start Menu each time you want to access new application, with the help of new Window 7 taskbar you can access each application just with one click. You can pin application by following two ways: either you can drag and drop or right click on the icon.

Pinning application to the Windows 7 using the method of drag and drop:

  1. Click mouse on the start button on the screen.
  2. Click mouse on the “computer” icon.
  3. Browse through location where you have stored the application’s files. Mostly this location is C:\Program Files\.
  4. Drag the application of the icon and drop that icon onto the taskbar.

Pinning Applications Using Right Click Method:

  1. Click mouse on the start button on screen.
  2. Click mouse key on the “computer” icon.
  3. Again browse to the location where you have stored application’s files in your computer and mostly these locations are C:\Program Files\.
  4. Press right key on the mouse by keeping it on the application’s icon.
  5. Choose the option: “Pin to Taskbar”.

You can also right click on the shortcuts which are similar to the shortcuts icons on the desktop and then choose the “pin to taskbar” option. The new version of Windows 7 taskbar looks totally different from the older version and it has brought drastic change in the appearance as well as functionality of the system. Whether an application is running or not, its icon appears on the taskbar. When an application is running, its icon will get highlighted on the taskbar.

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