How to open .7z Files In Windows 7?

.7z files are known as achieve files and are generated with the help of 7-zip software. Zip files are compressed collections of one or more than one files that are transferred between the people and the computer system. By transferring a compressed file you can ensure that that the recipient will receive all the files and will not lose any. Yes with the help of windows 7 it is possible to open .7z files. The latest version of 7-zip file manager works properly with the Windows 7.

How to get the 7-zip Software?

7-Zip Software

First you will have to download 7-zip software and install it in your computer so that you can work with .7z files. If your computer system shows 64 bit then make sure that you download the appropriate .msi installer.

How to open .7z file?

Once you have installed 7-zip folder, it will add a new option to your Windows 7 context menu which is helpful for you.

  1. Press Right click key on the .7z file. You will see right click context menu on the screen.
  2. Next step is to click “7-zip”.
  3. Choose one of the given options to extract the file.

.7z files can be opened either by using 7-zip folder or by using the third party software. This software is basically used to compress and decompress the data into an archive file and this file can be stored anywhere or can be transmitted to other computer. 7-zip program is required to open the 7-zip files and this software does not have any price tag because it is free open source software.

The advantages associated with 7-zip is: it is a powerful file manager, the compression ratio achieved through it is high, and it has self extraction property and localization for 74 languages.

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