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It’s fact that Internet has greatly changed our way of life in many aspects. The way of doing business is no exception. Online business breaks the limitation of time and space and becomes very popular among modern people.

Comm100 Live Chat
Comm100 Live Chat

Different with the traditional business, online you can’t see when a visitor comes to your store, let alone saying hello to them. You can only wait the customer to send an email to you or give you a call; then you have an opportunity to establish a relationship with the visitor, otherwise, you even don’t know someone has visited your shop. So it’s very urgent for online businesses to find a way to engage website visitors.

Comm100 Live Chat is such a solution for online businesses to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. Here are three ways that live chat benefits the online business.

Establish a relationship with visitors in a personal way

You may face such a situation, there are many visitors coming to your sites, but few purchase products. You can’t get any detailed information about the visitors, such as their point of interest, how they find you, etc, which is a great obstacle to establish a relationship with the visitors.

With Comm100 live chat, you can see all the visitors on your website, which page they are staying on, what product they are browsing, how they find your site, etc. With the above information, you can establish a relationship with them in a personal way. You can start the conversation with talking about the weather of the visitor’s city or the product the visitor is browsing, etc, which will close the distance between you and the visitor. By establishing a relationship with such manner, your website will definitely impress the visitor, which paves a way for future cooperation.

Provide proactive support

When using traditional phone or email support, you are in a passive state before the visitors send a support request. But not all the visitors will get access to you when they have questions. Some will leave directly, without you knowing it.

By installing Comm100 Live Chat into your website, you can speak with your visitors at any time. When you notice that a visitor spends a long time on a product page, or he comes to the FAQ page, he may meet a problem. What you have to do is just sending a chat request proactively, which will keep the visitors on your website. With proactive support, more visitors will be turned into loyal customers.

Assist customers in an efficient way

With Comm100 Live Chat, customers can get access to immediate help simply by clicking the chat button, which greatly reduces the response time. When the operator meets a case out of his process capability, he can transfer it to the experienced operator immediately. In addition, you can assign a customer to the specified department according to the chat type. In this way, you can provide an efficient support to the customers, which will greatly improve the customer satisfaction.

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    Nice article, I think that live chat is a very powerful tool when it comes to customer support. However, I have been checking the Comm100 plans and features and I find it a bit overpriced. For example, the solution that I am using, Visitlead, offers the same features (routing, tracking, teamchat, visitor forwarding, etc.) in every of its versions for 4 time less the price.

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