How to use More than 3GB RAM on 32-Bit Windows

Popular belief says, the 32-bit version of Windows can’t handle more than 3GB RAM. Is it really so? What will happen if you try to upgrade your RAM from 3GB to 8GB? After the upgrade, if you check system properties, you will still find memory in use as 3.xxGB! Of course, nothing to panic, your effort has not gone wasted. You can yet utilize your additional memory to optimize the function of your 32-bit system.

A 32-bit system can address maximum 2^32 address locations in RAM. Mathematically, it comes a little above 3GB. So, when you install a bigger RAM, 32-bit Windows just discard anything above its addressing jurisdiction. However, the discarded memory can still be effectively put into operational usage by using RAMDisk. This way, we allow our system to use the additional RAM as virtual memory store. The effort enhances your system performance because it narrows access time by storing recurrently accessed yet less-important temporary data.


RAMDisk works as a virtual hard drive and you create such virtual secondary storage using software abstraction out of your extra RAM. Only thing, the storage so created is volatile in nature and thus cannot be used as permanent storage. It is quite similar to your paging file in function. As the RAMDisk is created from RAM segment, it is extremely fast compared to your physical hard disk. Your system will use RAMDisk to store temporary files, frequently accessed processing-data, etc. to speed up operation.


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How to open .7z Files In Windows 7?

.7z files are known as achieve files and are generated with the help of 7-zip software. Zip files are compressed collections of one or more than one files that are transferred between the people and the computer system. By transferring a compressed file you can ensure that that the recipient will receive all the files and will not lose any. Yes with the help of windows 7 it is possible to open .7z files. The latest version of 7-zip file manager works properly with the Windows 7.

How to get the 7-zip Software?

7-Zip Software

First you will have to download 7-zip software and install it in your computer so that you can work with .7z files. If your computer system shows 64 bit then make sure that you download the appropriate .msi installer.

How to open .7z file?

Once you have installed 7-zip folder, it will add a new option to your Windows 7 context menu which is helpful for you.


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How To Enable Or Disable Core Features In Windows 7?

With the new version of Windows 7 which is a Microsoft product, it is now possible to disable core features which can be Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. You can easily access these features in the options named “Turn Windows Features On or off”. You can get this option in the control panel. For enabling or disabling the Windows features it is necessary that you bring up the “Windows Features” window on the screen. For doing this you must follow the steps given below:

  1. Switch to the control panel of the computer. For this click on the Start button and choose the control panel from the rightmost column.
  2. On the screen you will see several options in the control panel. Click on the heading named programs located at the bottom of the left column.


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Use Free Open Source CAD Software For your Designing Work

CAD Design software are most widely used software when we talk about creating model diagrams, whether it’s  2D or 3D diagram. It has been utilized by a wide variety of professionals. Interior designer, Home architects, Chip designers, Hardware engineer , mechanical engineer, Fashion designer and many other Engineering professional and art specialist use CAD software.

Paid software like Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD licenses cost up to thousands of US dollar and if you are working with a team of designer it will multiply by number of professionals you have in team. Bearing this cost by startups or small business is not possible and if you are freelancer then it is next to impossible. Then what is the solution for a freelancer or individual who have the capability but not the design software. Answer to this problem is Open Source application.

There are number of Open Source Software’s available for CAD and most of them free for commercial usage as well. Just search the Internet and you will find list of endless software, you can choose best one based on your need and what kind of design you want to prepare, its 2D or 3D etc..


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