Sony Playstation has always been the most reliable gaming platform but with exciting new features of the new Sony Playstation 3, which hold up to seven Bluetooth Playstation controllers with the capability of holding up for nearly one day before these Bluetooth controllers require charging, you can hook up with your friends and can have more fun in little space. Recently, images of these Bluetooth Playstation controllers were released, with the classic touch of playstation controllers the Playstation 3 controller is more like a boomerang. The Sony Playstation 3 will also have a space for six slots of USB for peripherals: two in the back and four up front. According to some rumors, Sony Playstation 3 will also offer Wi-Fi connectivity to the Portable Sony Playstation (PSP), which will allow the Portable Sony Playstation to convert into a controller and/or a remote screen


The founder of Eye Toy, Dr. Richard Marx, was nearby to present Sony Playstation 3`s wireless HD IP Camera. Moreover, the demonstration recalled gossips that the game console will have the Minority Report style motion sensing abilities. Dr. Richard Marx held two objects in his hands, which moved the objects on the screen in real time.

The Sony Computer Entertainment showed some of the game demonstrations to swank the graphical potential the Sony Playstation 3, including the Unreal 3 engine to boast of what would appear in the upcoming 2007 Unreal Tournament. Tim Sweeney of Epic Games was also present in the scene to support the Sony Playstation 3 by providing its dictum, which is “easy to program for”. As result of that Epic Games were able to achieve its first Sony Playstation 3 hardware two months ago

All along, the Sony Playstation 3 is considered to be the most realistic graphical console. With its upcoming game the Gran Turismo 5. When some one talks about fast cars and real simulation in the gaming world, one series stands up way tall. Like way way tall. And that series is Gran Turismo.  Well this is the point where the Playstation ™ fans can show off in front of the Xbox ™ users. Every PS user knows that when a Gran Turismo game is released it comes out as a grand feast for them. Well for the PS3 users the time has come to party once again because Gran Turismo 5 is being released, not the prologue the original game.

For the Playstation 3 users you may be the first ones to try it because this is the first title of the Gran Turismo series to be released on the Playstation 3.

But you might be thinking: what have the producers developed in GT 5?

Polyphony Digital, the producers of Gran Turismo have now made racing like never seen before. First development of Gran Turismo had started from 2006. As said by the producers this game has been worked on for 4 years and with 120 workers of Polyphony Digital working on it. Well you can already imagine what is in the game but the fun never ends too quickly now. Apart from track racing Gran Turismo 5 will also feature NASCAR and WRC. So you would not get tired of the tracks now. Gamers now can get seated in their favorite NASCAR car or their rally car and win the glory in this amazing game, and not leaving their favorite street cars.

Another awesome title of playstation 3 is the GOD OF WAR3.this baby is releasing in March 2010.its the news from the undercover that the GOD OF WAR 3 is releasing on the highest HDMI ever available in March 2010. As for the playstation 3 fans the playstation3 had a bright future in Europe, America , but in middle east and Asian countries it’s a difficult for the Sony to have a edge over xbox360

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