Sony Tablet S – Let us See what They Got

Recently HP put his Tablet on Fire sale and now Sony launched their – Sony Tablet S. This recent Tablet from Son has got 9.4″ screen and powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 Processor. It will be running Android Honeycomb 3.1 OS. and you can upgrade it to 3.2 anytime. Sony has announced it in IFA2011 and will be released to public in September for Wi-Fi Version. A Wi-Fi/3G version will be release in Late November/ December 2011. And it’s weight only about 600 grams.

Sony Tablet S1
Sony Tablet S1

Sony is well known for Their sleep Laptops and this look impressive as well. It’s not as good as iPad, but it’s cheaper than iPad and the brand name of Sony can make it popular and it will definitely get some sales percentage out of Apple’s Pocket. Best thing they have made it intractable with their Play station and Bravia LCD TV. So you can watch TV and Play using it as well.

Though it has a good processor by Nvidia, but performance and response time is not so good. When we rotate the Tablet it takes some time to detect and change the view. Also when we push the button, it takes some time to start/ It has a good battery life of more than eight and Half hours. Though it is less than iPad but still very good for such sleek tablet.

Sony planned to offer many customized app for their own tablet. It is running on Android, you do have access to all the Android apps and you also have access Sony’s customized apps whenever available. Best thing is Inclusion of Play station suite so now you can play PSP game on your Tablet using Play station emulator.

Sony Tablet S1 Screen
Sony Tablet S1 Screen

And worst part of the Tablet is you can not directly access content of SD card attached to it. You have to Copy all SD card content to internal storage and only then you can view that. So Basically it cannot have more storage by Using an SD Card.

Sony has made clear that this is first of the series and may not be as good as iPad, but with the launch of this they have made it clear that iPad is going to get a tough competitor. Sooner or later They will launch revamped versions and that will be the time when iPad start facing the challenge. Sony is known as world leader for all of the product they have, be it camera, LCD or Laptop. Their Brand value and adherence to quality and very good user experience has created a big User base who are ready to buy Sony Product anytime without testing it properly.

The Sony Tablet S device is available in both a 16GB and 32 GB version and will be sold at Sony Stores including online and other authorized retailers nationwide for about $499 and $599, respectively.

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