Google Earth – Getting Better Day By Day

Using Google’s popular navigational tool, Google Earth, it’s possible to explore the far corners of the earth while relaxing in the comfort of your home. You can explore both familiar and exotic locales, zoom in from space to a street view of your or any other town, and make detailed plans for travelling – including hotels and restaurants! Now, with the newly released Google 5.0, Google Inc has expanded its horizons – and yours as well. The abundant new, fun features include Google Ocean View, Historic Map Imagery, and even the capability for conducting guided tours of the planet.

Google Earth 5.0
Google Earth

Oceans cover most of the earth. These large areas have remain unseen and largely unmapped for centuries. Google Ocean View is changing all that! What more fun way to spend an afternoon than to explore remote depths at incredible speed? Some shipwrecks are even reproduced in 3D, just like the 3D buildings on land.

How better to gain a deeper, more meaningful understanding of our planet than to observe how it changes progressively over time? You can do just this, using Google’s new Historic Map Imagery. An abundance of astonishing possibilities are right at your fingertips! You can watch the slow melting away of Earth’s early ice caps, examine the effects of erosion, or track changes in urban and suburban landscapes. This feature is sure to be of inestimable value to ecologists, as well as to any individual who has an active interest in the development and patterns of our planet.

If you’ve made an exciting discovery of an amazing scenic route and want to share it with friends, family or the world, Share World Tours allows you to do just that! With Google Earth 5.0, recording a tour couldn’t possibly be any simpler. Just click on ‘record tour’, and set out on your journey. Share your world tours with your family and friends,  and take them on an unforgettable journey!

Once again, by releasing of a new version Google has redefined the very state of the industry, this time by giving us the ability to explore the ocean depths, track global changes and share our virtual adventures across the Earth. When it comes to software that gives us the capability of exploring our planet, Google Earth 5.0 really is the only choice for both explorers and armchair adventurers.

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