How to Disable Windows Media Center in Windows 7


Windows 7 which is the new release of Microsoft is characterized by several features and functions which were not available with the previous version of the Windows. One such function is disabling function using which you can disable features when not in use. In your computer there are several features active at one time but you may not need some of them and so using disabling function you can make them inactive. Some of the common features which can be disabled are as follows:

1. Windows Search.

2. Windows Media Center.

3. Windows Media Player.

4. Internet Explorer.

5. Windows Gadget Platform.

Disable Media Centre
Disable Media Centre

For disabling the “Windows Media Center” feature, you must go to the “Windows Features” portion of the control panel.  First of all you must bring up the “Windows Features” window from the control panel on the computer screen. To start the process of disabling “Windows Media Center” feature, you must click on the Start button and go to the control panel. Click on the heading named” Programs”. Then choose the option “Turn Windows Features On or off”.


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