HP Touchpad – A Short Consumer review

People are getting mad about touchpad or better we call it tablet PC with touch interface. With the success of Apple iPad every company want to get some market share of these touch Pad. In the Contest HP Touchpad was launched recently with 9.7″ screen size. It cost 399.99$ for 16Gb model and 499.99 for 32Gb. But does it stand aside with competitors like Apple iPad and Galaxy Tab from Samsung ?

HP Touchpad Front View
HP Touchpad Front View

If we talk about look and feel it’s weight is about 750 Grams, which is heavier than iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab, even slightly heavier than not so good competitor Motorola Xoom. It’s back is made of plastic, black and with piano like finish. It is concave in shape which feel very comfortable while holding it in hands. It is equipped with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth for communication. It does not have SIM Support at the moment.

It’s 9.7″ Display is equipped with LED Backlight and comes with Multi Touch capacitive system. If we talk about speed it has 1.2Ghz Snapdragon Dual core APQ8060 processor but while using it does not feel like so fast. It also have a front facing 1.3 MP camera and microphone for Video calling support.

The battery life of HP Touchpad is quite good as it gives more than 8 hours of backup. Though it is less than iPad and Galaxy tab but still it beats most of its other competitors available in market. It Also have a MicroUSB port which also works as Charger. You can plug it with any USB power device. It also has a 3.5 MM Headset/Microphone jack.

For audio capabilities it comes with integrated speakers which produces impressive quality of sound, Display is also very good and will make you feel almost like iPad experience. It runs on WebOS 3.0 and it is first Tablet device which is using HP’s WebOS. The best thing about HP Touch pad is that it has Adobe flash support inbuilt which other leading Tablet’s are missing.

Best thing I liked about it integration with several Social service like Face book. Another good feature is capability of wireless printing. According to HP it will work with Most of its Wireless printers. We all know that HP is world leader in Wireless printers and looking at the fact this is one feature which puts it ahead for business users.

HP Touchpad Back View
HP Touchpad Back View

We surely lacks in Apps and more functionality for WebOS but according to HP they plan to launch WebOS based PC very soon and many developers are working to build and launch thousands of Apps for WebOS just like Apple or Android. it is just a matter of few months when WebOS users will have access to them. Well we should wait for sometime before we actually see the App support.

Overall it was a big launch but it is really sad to say it failed to live up to our expectation. Main reason for that is lack of apps and added functionalities. It certainly have impressive looks and features otherwise. Whenever they launch their Appstore, this Tablet will become a strong competitor of iPad and other Tablet.

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  1. david

    My HP tablet has problems identifying free WiFi, mainly it is very slow. My friend who has an Apple was up and surfing while my HP was still looking for the free wifi.

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