USBLogView – Log All USB Activities

Are you storing sensitive data on your computer. Is there more than one user for your computer ? If answer to both these question is yes, then you must be worried about your data security as well. USB Drive is easiest way to carry data from one computer to another. For multi user PC where you cannot disable USB, you can at least monitor USB connection with utilities like USBLogView.


USBLogView is one free utility which monitors all USB connection, and device connected to a computer once installed and running. If you suspect any activity you can leave it running and it will prepare a log of each USB drive connected to your computer. It only monitors plug-in and unplug activity though while it is running.

It does not monitor what other users are doing after they plugged USB drive to PC. But in addition to these events it also records date and time of event, name of device, manufacturer and type of device. It also records serial number of device and many other similar information which can help you recognize any unauthorized activity on your computer.

In Case other users are aware of this program installed and running, they can still bypass it by closing it and then connecting the USB drive. This will avoid the log for the particular activity being created. thus it is not 100% fool proof method to record all such events.

This software is compatible with both 32bit and 64 bit version of all current windows Operating systems. best thing about it is it’s a freeware utility. USBLogView does not require any installation or additional files. It is 100% portable application, you can copy the exe file anywhere on your system and simply double click to start it.

You can leave it running as Icon in Tray mode. An option to hide the utility from tray and leave it running is missing, which should be there for such utilities along with auto start with startup. You can export log files generated in different formats including txt/xml/html/csv/comma-delimited file.

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