VIRTUAL SIDE of the Consumer Rights and Vision

In the much experienced and info-glutted virtual Cyberspace, the episode of techno-drama related to ecommerce is replete with high-tech success stories on one hand and a phenomenal growth of high-capitalization potential of dot-corns on the other. Some sobering thoughts about the dot-corn bubble-bursting are reaching the inboxes of netizens but more of the info-bytes speak about the dotcoms’ spread bringing more business for advertising agencies; essentially adding to the expanding spectrum of advertising and the consequent emerging of more dot-corn related IT initiatives.

Not so surprisingly, a news item informs, “Indian Information Technology start-ups’ extravagant media spending helped the domestic advertising industry grow 24.83% in the year to March, according to a survey by A&M- an industry publication.” About the reshuffling of budgets that do not depend on new money, the report says with a warning, “Advertising agencies’ total gross income was Rs10.25bn ($218.5m) last year.

But some industry players warn that the slump in dotcoms’ fortunes, coupled with forecasts of slower overall economic activity, could slash the sector’s rate of growth to about 10-12% in the year ahead.””E-Commerce has a lot of hype surrounding it”, says Louise Sylvan Vice-President, the Consumers International,” and I think a lot of the hype is deserved.


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How To Enable Or Disable Core Features In Windows 7?

With the new version of Windows 7 which is a Microsoft product, it is now possible to disable core features which can be Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. You can easily access these features in the options named “Turn Windows Features On or off”. You can get this option in the control panel. For enabling or disabling the Windows features it is necessary that you bring up the “Windows Features” window on the screen. For doing this you must follow the steps given below:

  1. Switch to the control panel of the computer. For this click on the Start button and choose the control panel from the rightmost column.
  2. On the screen you will see several options in the control panel. Click on the heading named programs located at the bottom of the left column.


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Asterix IP-PBX – OpenSource solution for Your PBX Needs

Asterix IP-PBX is an open source, free to download and use IP based telephony server which can be used for your business. Now you will ask why this is free and open source when it can be easily sold for quite a high amount. As a normal user won’t go for Asterix IP-PBX, as he don’t need PBX machines. Well Digium company who developed Asterix makes money by selling hardware and keeping the software free. It is compatible for commonly available telephony hardware and if someone buys hardware developed by Digium it increase their market share.

Asterix IP-PBX
Asterix IP-PBX

By providing it free in open source model they promote their hardware, and if you want to buy other hardware you can always buy them from other vendor and use Asterix by customizing for your hardware.

Because Asterix source code is available for free, your business will never stop because you decided to buy some other hardware or you need some customization. You can do whatever you want with you Asterix IP-PBX software and customize it your way.

To Configure Asterix IP-PBX and start working you just need to go through 4 step process.


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Remove Quick Defrag Malware with AntiMalware

Quick Defrag is a Virus/Malware which is not very Old but taking a big hit with the start of Year 2011. It disguises you saying your PC has lots of errors and need defragmenting, and pose himself as legit good program to protect your PC. And Be seeing a lot of popup/ Browser redirects and this security message you fall for trap and decides to buy this piece of shit which does nothing but create more problem for you.

Quick Defrag
Quick Defrag

Once you are infected with it, It won’t let you open any Executable program, whatever you try to open A pop up will comes up saying your operation could not be completed due to Hard disk errors, Once you close this another popup will ask you to scan your system. If you say yes to Scan after sometime you will be shown a list of error with option to download Quick Defrag utility to fix these. Even if you decide not to use it and restart the Window, you will find that Quick defrag has already installed there and sitting on your computer. Now it is creating more problem and the Fake security alerts will keep coming more frequently as it has already installed his malicious code.


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