There is a Proper Way of Uninstalling

As there is a proper way of installing, there also is a proper way of reversing it or uninstalling it. Upon installation of an application to your personal computer, tons of files and other entries are pushed in. So you may keep on installing different applications because you either need them or want them, or both, but you may just want to take it easy. Installing so many applications on the computer is like feeding it with a big serving of food every now and then. And just like humans, personal computers also need a routine “cleaning up.” Of course, the computers cannot do it all by themselves as applications are not automatically uninstalled as they aren’t also when installed. It is you who should do the cleaning before your system gets filled with applications that are later on uncalled for.

Revo Uninstaller
Revo Uninstaller

First, you need to know why these unused applications are not doing any good to your computers. Basically, your disk space is occupied by these software and applications that is why your computer will become slow. You will also not be able to upgrade to a newer version of software easily. And the worst, your computer will be more at risk to security threats. So what exactly is needed to be done to avoid these? Simple. You just need to uninstall them properly.


You should know that once you install software to your computer, the system registry is altered due to the program. When you uninstall it, be sure to do it properly. Not being able to do so will leave the registry file behind, thus occupying spaces that could have been used for other more important software and files. In addition, it will also cause a sluggishness of your computer because the uninstalled file affecting your computer’s processing speed. If you don’t really care about using a very slow computer, then leave those registry files untouched. But I bet no one would stand a very slow performing computer.

The most basic way of uninstalling software is through the Add/Remove Program property of your computer.  This will allow you to uninstall software properly. The Add/Remove Program can be located under Control Panel and then to Program and Uninstall a Program. There, you will see a list of programs installed to your personal computer. Check the program or programs that you no longer use. You have to right click on the name of the program and you will be able to see options such as “Uninstall,” “Change” and “Repair.” Click Uninstall and your computer will start deleting all files associated to that file, even the registry files.

But if ever your computer doesn’t have this feature, do not fret. There are many software programs that are available for download. You can use these programs to clean up your computer. These programs are worth all the money since they help you get rid of those unwanted files the proper way.

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