How to open .7z Files In Windows 7?

.7z files are known as achieve files and are generated with the help of 7-zip software. Zip files are compressed collections of one or more than one files that are transferred between the people and the computer system. By transferring a compressed file you can ensure that that the recipient will receive all the files and will not lose any. Yes with the help of windows 7 it is possible to open .7z files. The latest version of 7-zip file manager works properly with the Windows 7.

How to get the 7-zip Software?

7-Zip Software

First you will have to download 7-zip software and install it in your computer so that you can work with .7z files. If your computer system shows 64 bit then make sure that you download the appropriate .msi installer.

How to open .7z file?

Once you have installed 7-zip folder, it will add a new option to your Windows 7 context menu which is helpful for you.


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LG Versa – The Versatile Phone

It’s very rare that developers hit the mark with an extraordinary gadget and introduce it to the mark like Verizon Wireless and LG have done with the LG Versa. The LG Versa promises to be an extremely versatile phone thus the name “Versa”. The phone is quite impressive and one of the best in its league as it has a number of different features that makes this gadget extremely unique.

LG Versa
LG Versa

Some the Versa’s most recognizable features are that it has a full HTML browser which supports Flash elite (enable you to check out videos on YouTube while you’re on the move); it has EV-DO, a 2.0 MP camera, a music player and GPS. It also has a QWERTY keyboard that could be removed if you don’t want to carry the extra weight and you could use the virtual keyboard instead. In order to remove the QWERTY, however you need to remove the battery cover. It also can be used as a case when folded on top, which makes it look like an executive handset.

The 2.0 Megapixel camera takes very good quality pictures and you can also edit the them by using the image editor. The phone also has a built in camcorder


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Win Customer with Comm100 Live Chat

It’s fact that Internet has greatly changed our way of life in many aspects. The way of doing business is no exception. Online business breaks the limitation of time and space and becomes very popular among modern people.

Comm100 Live Chat
Comm100 Live Chat

Different with the traditional business, online you can’t see when a visitor comes to your store, let alone saying hello to them. You can only wait the customer to send an email to you or give you a call; then you have an opportunity to establish a relationship with the visitor, otherwise, you even don’t know someone has visited your shop. So it’s very urgent for online businesses to find a way to engage website visitors.


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Best Wi-Fi Call and Text Apps For Android

The second decade of the 21st century will be remembered as the one with the smart phones and tablets. The PCs defined the 90s and the laptops defined the 00s. Now the computing industry has graduated to the next phase, where the tablets now dominate the market as the need for mobile computing becomes greater and greater.

Most of the functionality on the tablets is available via apps that used to come canned in the traditional PCs in form of executable programs. Hence in order to use a particular functionality, the users need to be well versed with apps. Take example of texting and calling apps for Android.

Viber - free call for Android
Viber – free call for Android

Most of the functionality for calling and texting on Wi-Fi enabled Internet connected devices is provided by the Voice over IP (VoIP) core engine, where the voice/data packets are sent across the Internet as datagrams rather than on a dedicated line. This reduces the cost, although such calls are susceptible to frequent losses and unreliable service expected through the call duration. (more…)

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