What an Advanced Cloud PBX should have

With the increasing number of “good” offers from different virtual PBX services today, how will you know that you are being offered a good deal? Here is a checklist of the factors that contribute to a PBX system that will not only give you excellent service, but will also give you value for your money:

• A professional greeting. Your phone service represents your customer service, so you need to extend courtesy, professionalism and branding even in your voicemail greeting. A good cloud PBX system should include business features such as professionally recorded greetings that you can change anytime you need to.

It will make a lot of difference especially when all you can do is to record a message after a beep, similar to how your callers leave you a voicemail message.

 • A single online account you can access anytime, anywhere. A business phone system should be designed in a way that would fit the busy schedules of business owners and professionals. If the only way for you to know if you have a new voicemail message is by checking your mailbox every now and then, then you should switch providers.

New phone systems send text and email message notifications to ensure that subscribers will not miss any urgent and important message. Moreover, providers now feature more sophisticated and customizable call forwarding features so that you will be able to answer any call anytime.
• An easier way to return calls. VoIP-based voicemail systems give users different ways to make calls – PCs, IP phones (price per minute) and smartphones can all be used for returning business voicemails, all without the need to give away your personal phone numbers. Through VoIP, you can use your business voicemail phone number as the caller ID when you return calls.

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