What an Advanced Cloud PBX should have

With the increasing number of “good” offers from different virtual PBX services today, how will you know that you are being offered a good deal? Here is a checklist of the factors that contribute to a PBX system that will not only give you excellent service, but will also give you value for your money:

• A professional greeting. Your phone service represents your customer service, so you need to extend courtesy, professionalism and branding even in your voicemail greeting. A good cloud PBX system should include business features such as professionally recorded greetings that you can change anytime you need to.

It will make a lot of difference especially when all you can do is to record a message after a beep, similar to how your callers leave you a voicemail message.


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Sony Tablet S – Let us See what They Got

Recently HP put his Tablet on Fire sale and now Sony launched their – Sony Tablet S. This recent Tablet from Son has got 9.4″ screen and powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 Processor. It will be running Android Honeycomb 3.1 OS. and you can upgrade it to 3.2 anytime. Sony has announced it in IFA2011 and will be released to public in September for Wi-Fi Version. A Wi-Fi/3G version will be release in Late November/ December 2011. And it’s weight only about 600 grams.

Sony Tablet S1
Sony Tablet S1

Sony is well known for Their sleep Laptops and this look impressive as well. It’s not as good as iPad, but it’s cheaper than iPad and the brand name of Sony can make it popular and it will definitely get some sales percentage out of Apple’s Pocket. Best thing they have made it intractable with their Play station and Bravia LCD TV. So you can watch TV and Play using it as well.


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HP Touchpad – A Short Consumer review

People are getting mad about touchpad or better we call it tablet PC with touch interface. With the success of Apple iPad every company want to get some market share of these touch Pad. In the Contest HP Touchpad was launched recently with 9.7″ screen size. It cost 399.99$ for 16Gb model and 499.99 for 32Gb. But does it stand aside with competitors like Apple iPad and Galaxy Tab from Samsung ?

HP Touchpad Front View
HP Touchpad Front View

If we talk about look and feel it’s weight is about 750 Grams, which is heavier than iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab, even slightly heavier than not so good competitor Motorola Xoom. It’s back is made of plastic, black and with piano like finish. It is concave in shape which feel very comfortable while holding it in hands. It is equipped with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth for communication. It does not have SIM Support at the moment.

It’s 9.7″ Display is equipped with LED Backlight and comes with Multi Touch capacitive system. If we talk about speed it has 1.2Ghz Snapdragon Dual core APQ8060 processor but while using it does not feel like so fast. It also have a front facing 1.3 MP camera and microphone for Video calling support.


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Google Earth – Getting Better Day By Day

Using Google’s popular navigational tool, Google Earth, it’s possible to explore the far corners of the earth while relaxing in the comfort of your home. You can explore both familiar and exotic locales, zoom in from space to a street view of your or any other town, and make detailed plans for travelling – including hotels and restaurants! Now, with the newly released Google 5.0, Google Inc has expanded its horizons – and yours as well. The abundant new, fun features include Google Ocean View, Historic Map Imagery, and even the capability for conducting guided tours of the planet.

Google Earth 5.0
Google Earth

Oceans cover most of the earth. These large areas have remain unseen and largely unmapped for centuries. Google Ocean View is changing all that! What more fun way to spend an afternoon than to explore remote depths at incredible speed? Some shipwrecks are even reproduced in 3D, just like the 3D buildings on land.


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