Use Free Open Source CAD Software For your Designing Work

CAD Design software are most widely used software when we talk about creating model diagrams, whether it’s  2D or 3D diagram. It has been utilized by a wide variety of professionals. Interior designer, Home architects, Chip designers, Hardware engineer , mechanical engineer, Fashion designer and many other Engineering professional and art specialist use CAD software.

Paid software like Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD licenses cost up to thousands of US dollar and if you are working with a team of designer it will multiply by number of professionals you have in team. Bearing this cost by startups or small business is not possible and if you are freelancer then it is next to impossible. Then what is the solution for a freelancer or individual who have the capability but not the design software. Answer to this problem is Open Source application.

There are number of Open Source Software’s available for CAD and most of them free for commercial usage as well. Just search the Internet and you will find list of endless software, you can choose best one based on your need and what kind of design you want to prepare, its 2D or 3D etc..

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Asterix IP-PBX – OpenSource solution for Your PBX Needs

Asterix IP-PBX is an open source, free to download and use IP based telephony server which can be used for your business. Now you will ask why this is free and open source when it can be easily sold for quite a high amount. As a normal user won’t go for Asterix IP-PBX, as he don’t need PBX machines. Well Digium company who developed Asterix makes money by selling hardware and keeping the software free. It is compatible for commonly available telephony hardware and if someone buys hardware developed by Digium it increase their market share.

Asterix IP-PBX

Asterix IP-PBX

By providing it free in open source model they promote their hardware, and if you want to buy other hardware you can always buy them from other vendor and use Asterix by customizing for your hardware.

Because Asterix source code is available for free, your business will never stop because you decided to buy some other hardware or you need some customization. You can do whatever you want with you Asterix IP-PBX software and customize it your way.

To Configure Asterix IP-PBX and start working you just need to go through 4 step process.

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How to Install Linux Mint 9 from a Flash Drive

Well almost everybody knows that it is almost impossible to get virus infection if you running Linux. But is that only reason to use Linux, I will say it is mother of all reason, as because you can’t get Virus you don’t need Antivirus and anti spyware. You don’t pay for these software. Also Linux is free to use and other software which you need along with it are also free. Almost everything you need for day to day computing life is free is free for Linux. It seems a bit hard to use but that is just because we are used to Windows interface, remember when you first started using windows it was hard as well ?



Anyway enough of the Lecture let’s start the process of installing Linux through USB Drive.

  1. To do so all you need is a USB Drive (preferable 4GB at least) and Unetbootin. You can download Unetbootin from
  2. Once you have Unetbootin select your preferred version and flavor of Linux in Unetbootin.
  3. Plug Your USB Drive.
  4. Select it from Options window in Unetbootin.

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How to Disable Windows Media Center in Windows 7


Windows 7 which is the new release of Microsoft is characterized by several features and functions which were not available with the previous version of the Windows. One such function is disabling function using which you can disable features when not in use. In your computer there are several features active at one time but you may not need some of them and so using disabling function you can make them inactive. Some of the common features which can be disabled are as follows:

1. Windows Search.

2. Windows Media Center.

3. Windows Media Player.

4. Internet Explorer.

5. Windows Gadget Platform.

Disable Media Centre

Disable Media Centre

For disabling the “Windows Media Center” feature, you must go to the “Windows Features” portion of the control panel.  First of all you must bring up the “Windows Features” window from the control panel on the computer screen. To start the process of disabling “Windows Media Center” feature, you must click on the Start button and go to the control panel. Click on the heading named” Programs”. Then choose the option “Turn Windows Features On or off”.

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