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11 Awesome Features of Google Chrome

When Google was first launched, Google published a cartoon series to attract users all over the world towards it. And When I first tried Google Chrome, it was like a cartoon making fun of a full fledged browser, which can’t even support scrolling and large number of website were not appearing properly in this browser. But Google Chrome soon recovered and now it become Top Browser to surf.

Today we will show you top 11 features of Google chrome which is why You should start using it (if not already started) and if you already using it, you will not leave it because of these. Here goes the list —

Task Manager In Google Chrome

Task Manager In Google Chrome

1. Speed – Google chrome is fastest compared to all other, whether it’s application loading time or Site loading time.

2. Tabbed Interface – It’s easy to use Tabbed interface is really good, It’s so good that Chrome theme for Firefox (which makes Firefox look like Chrome) is one of most popular theme.

3, The Omni box – It handles everything in one box, be it url or search query. It also shows Web history and shows relevant pages from your browsing history in case you need to see them instead of going for Google Search. No need to open Google, simply type here and hit enter, it will Auto search Google if you did not type a URL or shortcut.

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PriVate Browsing Mode – Is It Truly Private ?

You must have heard about New Internet Explorer 8 or Google Chrome Browser and Private browsing mode they offer. Both of these browser have Private browsing mode (also called anonymous browsing). After reading about this you must be thinking you finally have some inbuilt tool but are they really providing same thing what you thinking ? I believe this term is misleading as it is something different than what private browsing really means.

Internet Explorer Private Browsing Mode

Internet Explorer Private Browsing Mode

I am not saying what they say is incorrect but you must understand correctly what and how this mode works, and what privacy will you get with these modes. The privacy mode offered by these or any other browser is not making you anonymous for private browsing which will not tell web server about you, But it will not leave any traces of your browsing history on the computer you using.

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Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010

Microsoft Streets and Trips has always been a favorite when it comes to planning trips. That doesn’t really change with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010, although some of the updates are not all that exciting.

For those unfamiliar with Streets and Trips: in effect, it makes your netbook or laptop into a complete device for trip planning and GPS navigation. As was the case with earlier versions, Streets and Trips 2010 comes in two different forms: the software-only version, with a price tag of $40, and the software / GPS locator combo package for $70. Streets and Trips works with most NMEA 2.0-compatible GPS receivers, so if you already have a suitable receiver, you just need the software.

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010

The newest version is not that much of an advance on the previous one. It does include updated U.S. and Canadian maps, as well as some timely additions to the lists of points of interest. The major innovation, though, is the ‘Send to GPS’ feature, and also a useful function for exporting route info in GPX format. These additions are reasonably welcome, even though they are of somewhat limited use.

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