Gmail Keeper Backs Up Your Gmail Locally

All companies, even the largest, are at risk of outages, and access to the Internet is never guaranteed. For those who store vital data using the cloud system instead of locally, this is always a potential problem. Gmail is the most popular mail system, but anyone using it for vital data flow can be concerned about outages and connection failures. Gmail Keeper offers peace of mind by regularly downloading your mail from Gmail, and storing it locally in compressed files.

Gmail Keeper

Gmail Keeper

Gmail Keeper is not an email client; it just downloads Gmail per your instructions. Mail downloads can be filtered in a number of ways, including by label, mailbox, date or time periods. You can use a number of different profiles in order to back up multiple Gmail accounts, or do a monthly ‘major backup’ and a daily ‘vital backup’.

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Chit Chat for Facebook – An Honest Review

One of the biggest complaints about chat in social networking is that you have to be logged into the social network to use it.  But this can be inconvenient – users may want to log out of the site or concentrate on using their browser for other things, or want something that can run in the background.  Chat programs, such as Chit-chat for Facebook can help.

FB Messenger Application

The best solutions are stand-alone or bundled chat programs and one of the best FB Chat apps on the market is Chit Chat for Facebook – it’s also free.

Chit Chat Window

Chit Chat Window

Chit Chat for Facebook is a program that you can install on your Windows based PC to allow you to chat with Facebook without needing to leave your browser pointed at Facebook.  It has some great features, but at the same time, it has some drawbacks.

Features of Chit Chat

Chit chat for Facebook is a no bells and whistles piece of software that allows you to chat online without leaving your browser pointing to Facebook.  Its functionality is exactly what you’d expect of a chat program, though, in testing, I did find it slightly slow to respond.

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