HP Mini 110-3130NR Atom N455 Netbook

With so many netbooks flooding the market today, HP also made a name in terms of product and quality. Now, a refreshed look of its Mini 110 series is the HP Mini 110-3130NR netbook model designed in black with promising features. Granted, in every innovation, style and design is immediately noticed and most likely sought-after, yet, if your netbook needs primarily focused on the purpose of writing or word processing, then, the HP Mini 110-3130NR certainly suits your taste and needs.

HP Mini 110-3130NR

HP Mini 110-3130NR

The overall appearance of the device is simple yet sturdy, thin and lightweight. The performance is similar to any netbook model but 3130NR shines in terms of comfort zone a netbook ever has, power and value. Here are HP Mini 110-3130NR’s specification, advantages and disadvantages. Read on. Continue reading HP Mini 110-3130NR Atom N455 Netbook

The Svelte, Slim and Attractive HP Mini 210 Review

The HP Mini 210 is easily the most celebrated netbook. It has the total package – slim body, great design, flashy top, HD screen and usability – to draw consumers.

HP Mini 210

HP Mini 210

Specifications :

  • Processor – Intel Atom N450
  • RAM – 1GB
  • Hard Disk Drive – 160GB
  • Display – 10.1inch, 1366x768HD

Usability :

The glossy display of the HP Mini 210 was bright enough and High Definition. The screen resolution was adequate to allow working on two documents opened side by side. The display could be tilted back to a convenient viewing angle.

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IPV4 Address – It’s Now Become Limited Resource for Us

We all currently use IPv4 address, at least most of us. IPV6 addresses are used by some Bit torrent client but they are still redundant as the machine using IPV6 address also Have IPV4 address.



As of January 1st, 2011; we have about 496 million unused IPV4 addresses. And in year 2010 we used about 225 Million IPV4 addresses. These number suggest that we will run out of the IPV4 addresses in 2 years but at the rate we are growing this will happen much sooner. All these stats comes out from IANA global pool of IP Address.

Current population of earth is about 7 Billion and the rate by which internet users are increasing and everything is going for computerization the supply of IPV4 addresses is going to run out very soon. There is no way we can add number of IPV4 address. They will remain constant no matter how many of people we add on Planet earth.

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Get More Space And Go Into Game Mode With Kinect

Kinect offers a highly interactive experience that most gamers are going to find deeply engaging. The hardware powers up immediately the system is switched on and takes a quick inventory of what the player looks like and assess the amount of space available in his immediate environment, then its game ready.



The Kinect hardware comes with a digital camera and an IR projector with depth sensors which enable it to see even if the room is darkened. Kinect also makes use of four microphones in addition to an audio process that enables it to capture voices from different angles in a room and also eliminate surrounding noise in the environment. There is also a motor base which allows the hardware to move around and track the movement of individual players in a room.

In creating Kinect, Microsoft also developed specific software to get the hardware to function the way it presently does. The hardware also has its own unique processors and relies on actual power to work. To balance this, Microsoft has created a unique adapter for the new slim 360 hardware which delivers more power to USB hubs. Older systems require that Kinect has to be plugged directly into a wall socket in addition to any USB port on the 360 system.

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