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Chrome for Linux – Best Browser on Linux

Within just a short period of time, Google Chrome has proven its capabilities and authority as far as web browsers are concerned. In fact, it has surpassed what other web browser giants are capable of giving. Now, Google Chrome has just recently launched the stable version of Google Chrome for Linux. With its release, Linux users have one more option to choose from as far as web browsers are concerned.

Chrome on Linux

Chrome on Linux

Chrome does many things quite dissimilar, or even better, than existing browsers for Linux. Users might like what they see when they try Chrome. If you haven’t tried it for your Linux machine, then, here’s a quick overview of what to expect from Chrome for Linux.

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Sony Tablet S – Let us See what They Got

Recently HP put his Tablet on Fire sale and now Sony launched their – Sony Tablet S. This recent Tablet from Son has got 9.4″ screen and powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 Processor. It will be running Android Honeycomb 3.1 OS. and you can upgrade it to 3.2 anytime. Sony has announced it in IFA2011 and will be released to public in September for Wi-Fi Version. A Wi-Fi/3G version will be release in Late November/ December 2011. And it’s weight only about 600 grams.

Sony Tablet S1

Sony Tablet S1

Sony is well known for Their sleep Laptops and this look impressive as well. It’s not as good as iPad, but it’s cheaper than iPad and the brand name of Sony can make it popular and it will definitely get some sales percentage out of Apple’s Pocket. Best thing they have made it intractable with their Play station and Bravia LCD TV. So you can watch TV and Play using it as well.

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