Language Software – Make Your Learning Easy

Are you looking to learn some foreign language ? Whatever the reason may be but if you really want to learn some other language this article is a  must read for you. With the Help of computer and technology this task can be really easy which you think is not so easy. If you have access to a computer which can be used to help you in learning, we have collected list of few software which are designed for teaching new language.

First in the list is Berlitz. Berlitz is the well known name in language learning software. It comes with more than 30 program and several languages to make your learning Fun and easy. Some of the popular language which Berlitz can teach you includes English, French, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch and many others.

Transparent language is another program which has a learning package for learning basics of over 70 language, though it can offer advanced course for only few. Transparent combines all form of learning including Audio and books along with computer to make learning easy.

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How to Install Linux Mint 9 from a Flash Drive

Well almost everybody knows that it is almost impossible to get virus infection if you running Linux. But is that only reason to use Linux, I will say it is mother of all reason, as because you can’t get Virus you don’t need Antivirus and anti spyware. You don’t pay for these software. Also Linux is free to use and other software which you need along with it are also free. Almost everything you need for day to day computing life is free is free for Linux. It seems a bit hard to use but that is just because we are used to Windows interface, remember when you first started using windows it was hard as well ?



Anyway enough of the Lecture let’s start the process of installing Linux through USB Drive.

  1. To do so all you need is a USB Drive (preferable 4GB at least) and Unetbootin. You can download Unetbootin from
  2. Once you have Unetbootin select your preferred version and flavor of Linux in Unetbootin.
  3. Plug Your USB Drive.
  4. Select it from Options window in Unetbootin.

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Get More Space And Go Into Game Mode With Kinect

Kinect offers a highly interactive experience that most gamers are going to find deeply engaging. The hardware powers up immediately the system is switched on and takes a quick inventory of what the player looks like and assess the amount of space available in his immediate environment, then its game ready.



The Kinect hardware comes with a digital camera and an IR projector with depth sensors which enable it to see even if the room is darkened. Kinect also makes use of four microphones in addition to an audio process that enables it to capture voices from different angles in a room and also eliminate surrounding noise in the environment. There is also a motor base which allows the hardware to move around and track the movement of individual players in a room.

In creating Kinect, Microsoft also developed specific software to get the hardware to function the way it presently does. The hardware also has its own unique processors and relies on actual power to work. To balance this, Microsoft has created a unique adapter for the new slim 360 hardware which delivers more power to USB hubs. Older systems require that Kinect has to be plugged directly into a wall socket in addition to any USB port on the 360 system.

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Chit Chat for Facebook – An Honest Review

One of the biggest complaints about chat in social networking is that you have to be logged into the social network to use it.  But this can be inconvenient – users may want to log out of the site or concentrate on using their browser for other things, or want something that can run in the background.  Chat programs, such as Chit-chat for Facebook can help.

FB Messenger Application

The best solutions are stand-alone or bundled chat programs and one of the best FB Chat apps on the market is Chit Chat for Facebook – it’s also free.

Chit Chat Window

Chit Chat Window

Chit Chat for Facebook is a program that you can install on your Windows based PC to allow you to chat with Facebook without needing to leave your browser pointed at Facebook.  It has some great features, but at the same time, it has some drawbacks.

Features of Chit Chat

Chit chat for Facebook is a no bells and whistles piece of software that allows you to chat online without leaving your browser pointing to Facebook.  Its functionality is exactly what you’d expect of a chat program, though, in testing, I did find it slightly slow to respond.

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